Nervous System Lesson

Our hope is to help you in one small way! We know many of you are at home right now with your kiddos trying to find educational ways to keep them busy. Dr. Andrew was hoping to help by providing this mini lesson on the nervous system!
If you haven't yet, start by watching the video we shared on Facebook. This is where Dr. Andrew gives his lesson on the nervous system. It might even be helpful to watch it twice before you try the quiz below. You can view the video here.
After your student watches the video, they can test their knowledge by playing this Kahoot!

Want more activities related to the nervous system?
Like Dr. Andrew said, the nervous system is very complicated. If you want to learn even more about how this important part of our body works and what it does, this website is kid friendly and has a lot of helpful information!
Go here to print off coloring pages that teach you more about your nervous system!​
Go here for a printable word search about your nervous system!
Here is a site that gives a long list of fun Brain Games!

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