Whiplash & 
Auto Injury

for Auto Injuries & Whiplash

Being in an auto injury is scary and confusing. During a stressful time like this we are committed to making your journey back to health as easy and efficient as possible. We will walk you through this process in a way that makes you feel comfortable and encouraged that you will regain any health that has been lost. 

How soon should you get in? 

Only 50% of people injured in an auto collision ever fully recover and the time between the accident and when the patient seeks care is critical. Getting a thorough examination and diagnoses as soon as possible will greatly increase your chance of a full recovery. At Connect Family Chiropractic in Bellingham we have dedicated countless hours of continuing education on this topic to ensure our patients get the best possible chance at a quick and healthy recovery. 

At CFC, along with our meticulous examination process, we utilize digital imaging that allows us to identify areas of spinal damage and weakness. We use all this valuable information to ensure proper documentation of your injuries and prognosis which is critical when it comes to making sure you get completely taken care of by your insurance company. Unfortunately, not everyone is on your team when you get in an auto accident but our office is a place where you can trust that your best interest is the only thing we care about.