Back & Neck

Neck and back pain are two of the most common illnesses in our world today. Together, these symptoms account for a large percentage of patients seeking chiropractic care. Getting traditional chiropractic care alone or physical therapy alone has been shown to provide only temporary relief in most cases. Most research shows that the pain returns within 2 months for patients receiving this care. However, by making changes in the structural alignment of the spine and posture through Chiropractic Biophysics, improvement has been shown to last more than a year in recent clinical trials. If you live in the Bellingham area and are suffering from neck or low back pain, CFC offers the unique care that may get rid of the pain long term.



Low Back Pain:

85-90% of people get low back pain during their lifetime. This makes low back pain the second most common reason for a patient to seek medical care, after only the common cold. Low back pain has related symptoms including pain radiating into the hips or buttocks (sciatica), numbness and tingling in the legs or feet, weakness in the legs or feet or coldness in the feet. Problems with balance also occur with chronic pain, particularly in the elderly. Low back pain is the #1 cause of disability in working-aged Americans.


We find that one of the most common underlying causes of low back pain and sciatica is misalignment (subluxation) of spine in the low back. Misalignments of the spine are often visible as abnormal posture when we look at patients visually. But other misalignments can only be seen and measured on X-rays. 


Our team at CFC Bellingham are experts in examining patients for structural and neurological causes of low back pain and sciatica. Our methods using spinal adjustments, exercises, and spinal traction have been shown in research to drastically improve low back pain and dysfunction. The literature shows this improvement is maintained at long term follow-up 9-12 months later. These long term results are why we take the extra effort in our care to provide the highest quality outcomes for our patients. 

Neck Pain:

For many people neck pain does far more than just cause discomfort from day to day. Ultimately, it affects our ability to do the things we love and can greatly impact our work, relationships, and overall quality of life. What is concerning about neck pain is that it can be just a symptom of a more significant underlying cause. It's the cervical spine's job to protect the spinal cord and spinal nerves which are vital for our brains communication with every tissue and cell in our body.  When the spine is misaligned, or “subluxated”, abnormal pressure can occur on the joints and cause pain. These same misalignments also cause abnormal communication between the brain and the body affecting overall health and wellness.

At CFC we will determine the underlying cause of your neck pain and we will recommend a specific treatment plan based on your situation. Most care plans include spinal adjustments, postural exercises, and spinal traction. Together these will work to correct the true cause of your pain and dysfunction and prevent it from returning. 


When you should schedule a consultation and exam for neck or low back pain:


  • Your neck or back pain does not improve after a few days

  • You cannot look to the right or left without neck pain

  • You feel like you must use over-the-counter pain medications just to make it through the day and are using it regularly to treat your pain

  • You’re worried that your pain may have a serious cause

  • In addition to pain you experience numbness or tingling in your hands or feet

  • Your pain started within a few days of a car accident

  • Your pain is worse when you first wake up in the morning but then begins to feel a little better as the day progresses